Derrick Gardner & Big Dig! Band - "Still I Rise" (2020)

I consider myself lucky to have played on the great Derrick Gardner's release with the Big Dig! Band "Still I Rise". Derrick wrote some really great modern Big Band compositions you really need to check out if you haven't already!

"I Propose We Never See Each Other After Tonight" (2020)

Fortunate to have played some melodies and solos for the full length feature film "I Propose We Never See Each Other After Tonight".

Katherine Penfold - "Sweetest Thing" (2019)

So happy to have played a solo on the track "Movin On" from her latest release, which I think is her best yet! Go check it out!

Rayannah - "Nos Repaires" (2019)

Proud to be apart of Rayannah's latest release! Such a great album of tunes that stretch that blurry the lines between genres. Go check it out!

Sol James - "Fighting" (2019)

So proud to be apart of my friends first release as a leader "Fighting". There is a some great music on this EP and you should go check it out on wherever you stream/buy music.

Eileen Lagimodiere - "Angel With a Broken Wing" (2016)

Happy to be apart of Eileen's newest recording "Angel With a Broken Wing" (2016)

"Ship Outta Luck" (2016) video game app music

I was fortunate enough to play on a video game app that has been developed. My friend and colleague Kenley Kristofferson wrote the music.

Dirty Catfish Brass Band "Big Shiny Brass" (July 2016)

I am so happy to share DCBB's 2nd release "Big Shiny Tunes" and am so grateful to be involved with such a great group of people, musicians. It is an EP that has fresh, new arrangements of cover tunes you will probably know, but might not recognize initially. I personally arranged "Electric Lady", "Sorry", and was involved with the arrangements of the other tunes. It is a pretty high energy set of tunes that will keep you moving! You can buy a digital copy by following this link:


Noble Thiefs - "It's Tough to be the Bad Guy" (Nov 2015)

I am happy to be part of The Noble Thiefs most recent release "It's Tough to be the Bad Guy" (Nov 2015). It was a lot of fun working with these guys! Go check the album here:


FINN - "FINN EP" (Dec 2014)

I was fortunate to be included on a track of FINN's debut EP recording. FINN is a local Winnipeg indie band that is made up of some very talented musicians that I have been friends with for many years now. Pick up your copy at www.ep.finnmusic.ca as well as some great FINN merch. Check them out!

Alfa - "Harmatten" (Nov 2014)

This is an album I played on along with some members of the Dirty Catfish Brass Band. We formed a 4 piece horn section that plays on 4 tracks of the album. Winnipeg Hip-Hop artist and host of CBC Radio's "Up to Speed" Ismaila Alfa has written some great tunes, go and pick it up at:


Daily - "In My Corner" (Sept 2014)

This is an album from a Winnipeg Hip-Hop artist Daily. I appear on over half of the album playing a mix of improvised trumpet sounds and a melody that gets brought back in a variety of contexts throughout the album. You can pick it up here:


Dirty Catfish Brass Band - "Brass Riot" (June 2014)

This is the debut album from the Dirty Catfish Brass Band. It consists of mainly original music by the band as well as a couple New Orleans favorties, and a tribute to Canadian legend Stompin' Tom Connors. It is an album that people of all ages can enjoy and will be sure to get you moving. You can get your copy as well as other band merch at:


"Farewell 274: Winnipeg's Jazz Community Celebrates Aqua Books" (July 2013)

This is an album that features various groups and players from Winnipeg's vibrant jazz community and I feel very privileged to have been apart of it. The Littleford/Carter Quintet, a group I co-lead, contributed a composition that I wrote entitled "Flying with the Flock" and I am also featured on "Blues of a Material Sort", written by drummer and curator of the album Curtis Nowosad. Pick it up here:


Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers - "Fruit and Ash" (Mar 2013)

This is an EP from a band that I played with for just under 2 years, and has since disbanded. This band had a very unique sound that was unlike any other. You can no longer find this EP in stores or online but if you are interested in getting a hold of a copy contact me via email I will see what I can do for you..

Kobalt - "Waiting" (Jan 2013)

This is Kobalt's 3rd and most recent recording to date. The EP consists of 3 original tunes are difficult to classify in a specific genre but are catchy and have a jazz-rock-idie flavor to them. To see for yourself by picking up the EP here:


Katherine Penfold - "Love" (Sept 2012)

I was very excited when I was asked by my long time friend and incredible vocalist Katherine Penfold to play on a track of her 3rd album "Love" that was released in Sept 2012 (I play on "The Air is Breathing You"). She is a phenomenal singer and song writer, check her out if you haven't already! You can pick up the album at: